At the entrance a 10” monitor transmits documentation of E.E.G shot during my sleep in a cell at the Institute for Sleep Research. The floor of an eye-shaped space is covered by a thick layer of rough salt. Neon light traps contain abstract, semi organic images, traces from far away, perhaps neglected primes. Simultaneously the images suggest a futuristic testimony of a living presence, a memorial preserved in a salt cell. “Guide me to the northern exit of the city”. Recorded instructions are heard, but an

irrelevant name of a street, square… is integrated into each instruction; thus, finding a way out is being undermined. The sound of viewer’s movement on the rough salt, mingled with the recorded voices, creates a new sound within the space. The viewer as invader, whose presence alters the topography, while salt darkens and its surface is disturbed – falls prey to disorientation. A city, traditionally perceived as the order of cultural systems and as opposed to nature, ceases to shelter the present mind


Vector Still, video 02:36 min.